As design consultants, Odyssey provides a variety of services focused on bridging the fields of design (including architecture, interior design, and landscape design) and child development (including administration, teachers, families, funding agencies, and other professionals involved in the project). Our experience has shown us that individuals involved in design projects for children typically have similar goals to provide appropriate children's spaces, but often have differing ideas about how these goals should be accomplished. With our background and training in both the design and child development fields, we are able to bring all of the groups involved to a greater understanding of children's needs as well as the design process and how the philosophy of the child development center can be effectively translated into developmentally appropriate spaces for each age group served.

Key Services

Work with the client group to help them fully understand the design process and to develop a clear philosophy and mission statement to be used throughout the project.
Function as a liaison between the client group and the design team throughout the project.
Guide the programming process, organizing meetings, scheduling interviews with appropriate individuals, and making sure everyone involved with the new spaces has an opportunity to express their needs in an organized and effective fashion.
Help with scheduling and budgeting throughout project.
If desired, act as the primary point of contact for the design team during the design phases. This would enable "one stop shopping" for both clients and design professionals to allow for greater coordination of design decisions.
Work with the design team throughout the project to review decisions and to assure the appropriateness of the building, interior spaces, finishes, and amenities provided.
Offer a translation of the needs and developmental stages of children into design elements.
Offer specific design recommendations.
Monitor work in progress to assure coordination with schedules.
Help coordinate specification and installation of furniture and fixtures.
Help schedule and coordinate move-in and post-occupancy evaluation.
Provide other services as negotiated with client group.

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