Odyssey Design Group will conduct appropriate seminars, workshops and training sessions in conjunction with Design Consultation or as a stand-alone contract. Our goal is to educate individuals involved with the design process to enable greater communication and sharing of ideas between the client group and the design team.

Greater communication translates into more appropriate spaces for children, ultimately positively affecting their lives through their near environment. Some suggested educational topics we can address are listed below. We can address these topics in individual sessions or create a custom program combining topics that fit your specific needs. Additional sessions can be created based on the desires of the client group, so please feel free to suggest other topics you feel are important.

Examples for Design Professionals

Uniqueness of child care facilities from a design standpoint
Translating children's needs into design elements
ADA Regulations for children
Importance of the effects of near environments on children
Translating a center philosophy and mission statement into design elements
Developmentally appropriate design

Examples for Child Development Professionals

Making preliminary decisions - what do you REALLY want?
Working with design professionals
What to expect in the design process
Interpreting design - how do you know if it is appropriate?
How to coordinate the activities throughout the project
Working with the new space (post-occupancy workshops for teachers to give them ideas about how to set up and use their new spaces

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