The world is becoming smaller and smaller with the use of the internet and Feng Shui gave me the opportunity to learn what design means outside of the world I am familiar with, Kim Rodeffer Funk says in her relation to the use of Feng Shui in environments. An ancient art and science that is applies to the wholeness of an environment, Feng Shui is all about placement, balance and energy flow. It relates to entire surroundings, both manmade and natural.

Kim is a Feng Shui consultant, having studied under Joseph Yu, an Ontario-based Feng Shui master. Originally drawn to the benefits of Feng Shui because of its emphasis on the importance of balance, Kim considers her Feng Shui knowledge another portion of her interior design background. I do not do Feng Shui independent of my interior design focus, she says. I do it to enhance it.

Like Kims eccentric approach to her work, Feng Shui itself is also a focus on balance and harmony. The use of Feng Shui is an art and science of placement that is employed to create a holistic, balanced environment. A Feng Shui space is creative and logical, attractive and repelling, serene and exciting, bright and dark. Most importantly, an interior enhanced by Feng Shui is balanced, whole and comfortable.

Odyssey Design Group is available for audits or consultation concerning the benefits of Feng Shui. To receive further information, feel free to contact us.

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